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About me

My name is Jakub Cerulík and I am an ICF accredited somatic and life coach (Prague, Somatický koučing s.r.o.), certified facilitator of therapeutic dance (Brno, Move Art s.r.o.), choreographer and dance performer.

Thanks to many years of practice in the field of somatics and embodiment, I believe that the body hides the answers to our deepest questions and solutions to our most difficult challenges. That's why I help my clients listen to the body as an essential source of information in the decision-making process, achieve their life goals and regulate their nervous system.

Jakub Cerulík - Somatic Therapy

My background

While studying History of Art at Charles University in Prague, I studied the philosophy and psychology of art with a focus on the therapeutic overlap of art and rituals of different periods and cultures. While studying Dance Theater and Performance at the University of Performing Arts in Bratislava, I learned the philosophy of somatics and embodiment through approaches such as Laban movement analysis, Alexander technique, Feldenkrais method, Bartenieff fundamentals, body-mind centering, Skinner releasing technique, contemporary dance and contact improvisation. In my artistic practice, I focused on the use of expressive therapies (dance-movement therapy, drama therapy, psychodrama) and coaching in the creation of works of art and, on the contrary, the use of artistic procedures and practices when working on personal development. Later, during ICF accredited training in Somatic Coaching in Prague and Intuitive and Therapeutic Dance Facilitation in Brno, I adopted a non-judgmental approach and consistent work on the client's resources. I have continuously supplemented my education with many courses, workshops, seminars, articles and books focused on the field of somatics, embodiment, dance, psychology and expressive therapies, and I continue to develop my coaching skills through regular supervision.

I work integratively with experience-oriented methods using the body, breath, voice, word, imagination, object and space, while the long-term basis of my practice is creative work with the principles of somatics and embodiment in the coaching process. By working with self-expression tools, I enable clients to touch deeper levels of consciousness, and by moving from a mind-oriented conversation to a more complex body-oriented experience, I lead clients to holistically (body, mind, emotions) informed decisions and work on themselves.

The main purpose of my work is to bring people into contact with the body and its natural wisdom, which is an essential source of information in the decision-making process and in finding solutions on the way to life's dreams.

Further study:

Psychology of personality; Positive psychological intervention; Psychological methodology; Introduction to coaching

  • Charles University in Prague

  • Optional subjects

Visual Arts - Intermedia

  • University of Fine Arts in Bratislava

  • Mgr. the study

  • During my master's degree, I gained knowledge about artistic expression and its use in personal development through art therapy, which complements my primarily body-oriented approach.

Game Based Learning; Serious Gaming; Game Design & Gamification

  • Coursera (Online)

  • Completion of online courses "Game Based Learning", "Serious Gaming" and "Game Design & Gamification" led me to believe that the most effective path in learning and self-development is the path of engagement, curiosity and playfulness. Through the principles of gamification and game design, I make the journey of personal growth more interesting and fun, thereby supporting the motivation of clients in achieving their long-term life goals.

E(a)ffective Communication

  • Erasmus+ YouthExchange Program in Canet de Mar (Spain)

Healthy Lifestyle

  • Erasmus+ YouthExchange Program in Iasi (Romania)

What do I offer?

  • Professional guidance and support during your unique process of transformation and self-development.

  • Emphasis on a non-judgmental approach and the creation of a safe and supportive space where you can freely express and explore all your thoughts, feelings and experiences.

  • A resource-oriented approach, with a focus on helping you discover and use your natural strengths and abilities supporting your personal growth and overcoming challenges.

  • Expert knowledge in the field of somatics and embodiment, used to strengthen your self-awareness and holistic personal growth.

  • Complementing the mind-oriented conversation with a richer body-oriented experience, with the aim of supporting a comprehensive and sustainable transformation.

  • Supporting interaction not only with the deeper levels of your consciousness, but especially with your body and its natural wisdom, which can be an important source of information in the decision-making process.

  • The use of various artistic media and projective techniques to penetrate deeper levels of your consciousness, overcome the barriers of logical thinking and unlock your full transformational potential.

  • Adapting to your preferred way of communication, whether through conversation, body, sound or visual expression, thus guaranteeing an individual approach and greater efficiency within our individual meetings.

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