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Somatický Kouč Bratislava | Life Kouč Bratislava

"The body is a map and a compass, leading to a better life"

About me

My name is Jakub Cerulík and as an ICF accredited somatic coach I accompany clients on the path of personal growth, overcoming challenges and fulfilling their full potential. 

Thanks to many years of practice in the field of somatics and embodiment, I believe that the body hides the answers to our deepest questions and solutions to our most difficult challenges. That's why I help my clients listen to the body as an essential source of information in the decision-making process, achieve their life goals and regulate their nervous system.

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"I will help you discover and fulfill your true potential"

Somatický Kouč Bratislava | Life Kouč Bratislava

What is coaching?

Coaching is a method of supporting the personal and professional growth of individuals, teams and groups. Along with therapies, it is one of the most effective and widely used methods supporting human growth, helping to make life changes and achieve short-term and long-term goals. Unlike therapy, it focuses more on the present and the future. not on the past, and is more solution-oriented than problem-oriented.

Coaching supports the client's confidence in their own competence and brings breakthrough and transformational experiences that improve the client's self-perception, work results, attitude to life, relationship skills and overall well-being.

A place where exploration of the mind meets body language

Somatic coaching

Somatic coaching is a holistic approach using, in addition to conventional coaching techniques, coaching techniques focused on the body and emotions. Where classic coaching deals with content communicated through speech, somatic coaching uses knowledge from working with the body and, in addition to verbal expression, also takes into account information coming from the body and emotions.

Unlike classical coaching, somatic coaching also uses techniques focused on the body, breath, voice, pirestor or object and creates experiences that ensure complex and long-term sustainable growth.

Somatický Kouč Bratislava | Life Kouč Bratislava

The way to the regulation of the nervous system


Somatics is a field of holistic work with the body, emphasizing the importance of bodily perception and experience. In the context of personal development, somatics uses conscious movement, touch, manipulation of the body, work with the breath, focused attention on bodily experience and memory of the body as gateways to physical and movement sources of nervous system regulation as the main prerequisite for effective release of excessive emotional tension and coping with stressful situations . 


Somatics is based on the knowledge that the body (soma) is an environment full of physiological processes that offer a deeper insight into emotional experience, human personality and its transformation. He believes that change at the level of the body leads to change at the level of thoughts and emotions.

What can you get?

Somatic Coach Bratislava | Life Coach Bratislava


Deep understanding and clarity in your values, motivations and goals

Somatic Coach Bratislava | Life Coach Bratislava


Improving decision-making and finding choices that align with your heart, body and mind

Somatic Coach Bratislava | Life Coach Bratislava


Overcoming limiting beliefs that have held you back from reaching your full potential

Somatic Coach Bratislava | Life Coach Bratislava


Increasing your overall performance and productivity

Somatic Coach Bratislava | Life Coach Bratislava


Resilience and adaptability, allowing you to bounce back from setbacks with gratitude and poise

Somatic Coach Bratislava | Life Coach Bratislava


A deeper connection with your body, its feelings and needs

Somatic Coach Bratislava | Life Coach Bratislava


The inner resources needed to overcome challenges and fulfill your life vision

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The ability to regulate your nervous system and better manage stress and anxiety

Clients' opinion:


"What I like about Jakub's work is the way he can get me out of a place in moments when my head can't get me out of it. He involves the right techniques in the process at the right moment and turns an ordinary conversation into an experience that allows me to look at things from a different angle view."


"Thanks to Jakub, I learned to better understand my body and perceive its signals, which helps me make better decisions and live a more fulfilling life. I definitely recommend Jakub's services to anyone looking for a comprehensive and innovative approach to self-development."


"In cooperation with Jakub, thanks to a few simple questions and "tasks", I came up with things that I would never have realized on my own."
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