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What is embodiment?

Embodiment is the process in which mental concepts, emotions and beliefs are explored, manifested and experienced through the physical essence of the body. It is a conscious practice that enables internal states to acquire physical form in the form of movement, gesture, posture, interaction with the environment, etc.

In the framework of embodiment, the client goes beyond the limits of intellectual understanding of a certain topic and uses the body as a medium for a deeper understanding and expression of concepts and states associated with the given topic. For example, when working with the theme of freedom, the client is invited to physically embody freedom, physically dress in it and understand what freedom means to him on a physical level. Thanks to this, he gains new experiences and perspectives on the given topic, while understanding comes not only at the level of the mind but also at the level of the body. It comes to the integration of learned theory into lived practice.

Thus, embodiment is the process of transforming the invisible into the visible, the intangible into the tangible, the thought into the lived. It is a process of transformation that connects thought with action and translates the inner world of the individual into the tangible reality of his actions and behavior.

What can embodiment bring you?

  • The ability to apply theory into practice and transform the learned theoretical knowledge into concrete life experiences

  • Tools and methods of acquiring new skills and knowledge through active embodiment

  • Exploring your thoughts, feelings and beliefs through bodywork

  • Improvement in the ability to express and process emotions through bodily expression

  • Consolidation of new positive patterns and emotions in body memory with the aim of permanent and sustainable change

  • Increase in physical and emotional vitality

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