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What is somatics?

Somatics is a field of holistic work with the body, emphasizing the importance of bodily perception and experience. It is based on the knowledge that the body (soma) is an environment full of physiological processes that offer us a deeper insight into the emotional experience, human personality and its transformation. He believes that change at the level of the body leads to change at the level of thoughts and emotions.

Somatic practice includes conscious movement, touch, manipulation of the body, breathwork, and focused attention on bodily experience. Somatics in the context of movement training and physiotherapy focuses on releasing body tension, improving the range of movement, learning functional ways of movement, increasing sensory perception and developing a deep sense of the presence and self-awareness of the body. In the context of personality development, somatics also uses the memory of the body as a gateway to bodily and movement sources of nervous system regulation as a prerequisite for effective release of excessive emotional tension and coping with stressful situations. The main goal of somatics in the context of personal development is to enable the client to tune in to his own bodily rhythms and needs, to support a sense of autonomy and the ability of self-regulation. Bodily experience within somatics mediates, among other things, a reference experience that contributes to the development of personality and which the client can transfer and apply to other areas of his life. 

Somatics is a way in which the client learns to perceive and interpret the subtle signals of his body, to react effectively to them and, thanks to this, acquire greater freedom and authenticity in his expression and experience. A path thanks to which the client can experience a release of emotional and physical tension, an increase in the range of physical movement and the range of emotional experience, an increase in emotional resistance to stressors and stressful situations, a change in behavior patterns and the stabilization of emotional balance through acquired stimulation and calming techniques.

What can somatics bring you?

  • Early recognition of body signals warning of excessive load, stressors and triggers of potentially re-traumatizing experiences

  • Abilities to regulate the nervous system for better management of long-term stress and anxiety

  • Strategies for coping with acutely demanding and stressful situations

  • Increasing resilience and adaptation due to the strengthening of internal resources

  • Improving bodily and sensory perception, leading to a deeper connection with the present

  • Listening and understanding body language, its signals and needs

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